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Skin Rejuvenation

Super Skin Rejuvenation (SSR):

Super Skin Rejuvenation (SSR) is the latest technology to improve skin imperfections such as ageing pigmentation, broken capillaries and acne, and replace it with healthier, fresher looking skin.  What's more the inbuilt cooling system improves client comfort during treatment procedures.

All face, neck and chest treatments include the use of paramedical skin range BodiDerm (double cleanse, peel, mask / serum & sunblock).


1/2 face  $89

Full Face  $139

Neck  $79

Chest  $99

Neck and Chest  $130

Full Face, Neck & Chest  $250

Hands  $89

1/2 Arm  $99

Full Arm  $199

Full Arm & Hands  $250

1/2 leg  $150

Full Leg  $300

Pre-pay for 3 treatments and receive 10% discount

Pre-pay for 6 treatments and receive 25% discount