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Super Hair Removal (SHR): 

Super Hair Removal (SHR) is the latest technology to achieve longer lasting hair removal that is virtually pain and side effect free.  It has an inbuilt cooling system with IN-Motion technology, using a constant rolling motion for faster treatments, whist eliminating the common problem of missed or skipped areas, for more comprehensive cover and smoother skin.


Beard  $80

Front or Back of Neck  $50

Chest $80

Shoulders  $65

3/4 Back  $120

3/4 Back and Shoulders  $150

Snail Trail  $45

Full Stomach  $80

Bikini  $50

G String  $70

1/2 Arm  $130

Full Arm (hands & fingers)  $170

3/4 Leg  $160

Full Leg  (feet & toes)  $190

Pre-pay for 3 treatments and receive 10% discount

Pre=pay for 6 treatments and receive 25% discount